“Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it,” wrote George Carlin. Such a poignant, witty truth. Don’t we all crave certainty and the clear path forward? No need to scale Mt. Everest to visualize your story anew. Boldness can be learned from the seat of your chair. I specialize in teaching people tools to mine their true narratives, not those born from routine or circumstance, but narratives of their own making. One bold step leads to others, paving the way for personal and professional transformation and triumph. Let me teach you the strategies to navigate the gray unknown and integrate your losses into gains. The results will inspire you in ways you never imagined. I’m right here…waiting to help you build your path to BOLD living.


When Nancy recast her life in Colorado in 2006 with only her young twins in tow, many people commented on her boldness. But it wasn’t the physical act of leaving New York City and all that she’d known that was bold. The boldest part was that she put herself in the path of opportunity again. She made life happen.For the previous decade (her entire 30’s) Nancy was caring for her ill husband, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. His condition was not terminal at first; in fact there were many long periods of respite and wellness, during which the couple decided to start the family they’d always dreamed of having. It would be nearly seven years before Nancy’s husband died. She was thirty-seven and the twins not even three years of age. What followed was the determination to forge a new life. 

In the true spirit of bold living, Nancy found love again after plucking her second husband Steve Saunders, a widowed TV News Anchor, straight from the pages of a magazine. 

Today, Nancy is passionate about helping audiences:
Navigate uncertainty
Acquire tenacity and resilience
Put themselves on the path of opportunity
Challenge and refute paralysis
Build bolder, more enduring narratives
See the funny, light, and “real” among life’s darkest moments
Understand how one BOLD step leads to others

Speaking Topics

  • The Building Blocks to BOLD Living
  • Adversity and Transformation
  • Breakaway Thinking
  • Changing and Selling The Narrative
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Health, Wellness, and Well-Being
  • Resilience
  • Navigating Uncertainty & Transitions 
  • Work/Life Integration 
  • Women
  • Death, Dying, and Bereavement
  • Inspiration
  • Spirituality



“Not only were we inspired by Nancy Sharp’s story and courage, but her vision of BOLD Living offered fresh and practical insights about risk-taking and change.”Robin Heller, President and CEO, The Leadership Investment

“We have heard story after story of people who were affected and inspired by Nancy’s program on bold living. She is poignant, poised, and funny at just the right moments.”
Michele Bergh,
MBA Group Director of Strategic Marketing – South Denver Hospitals, Porter Adventist Hospital, Parker Adventist Hospital, Littleton Adventist Hospital, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

“Nancy had the audience in rapt attention from start to finish. She is an engaging and dynamic speaker with a powerful story. Her wisdom about reframing one’s narrative — in life and business — is spot-on.”
Donna Evans, CEO, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and The Women’s Leadership Foundation

“Nancy’s message spoke to everyone in the room about taking tragedy and continuing to live and embrace a life that you can be proud of
Nancy Ferro, Founder, Epic Experience


Both Sides Now is Nancy’s inspirational story of love, loss, and bold living. Sometimes life really is everything at once. In Nancy’s case, newborn twins and her husband’s cancer recurrence on the same day. What’s it like to hold life and death in the same moment? How does a young mother and widow learn to see beyond her unfortunate circumstances, turning her loss into gain and moving toward a narrative of her own choosing? She applies these lessons to personal and professional development.

Books For a Better Life Finalist Winner,
Colorado Book Award
National Indie Excellence Award
American Book Fest Int’l. Award Winner
Finalist, USA BEST BOOKS Winner,
Readers’ Favorite
Living Now Book Award
CIPA Evvy Award

Available in Paperbook and E-Book