• Ask and answer the three questions that lead to BOLD changes every day
  • Face the truth about exactly what holds them back in work and life
  • Discover their own resilience
  • Turn losses and challenges into balanced and integrated gains
  • Know how to optimize their resources
  • Think and lead “wide” instead of playing  safe and narrow
  • Feel more present, confident, and successful












  • Challenge the status quo by thinking wide
  • Recognize when change is needed
  • Commit to growth during uncertain times
  • Motivate their teams by creating an environment of continual improvement
  • Exude courage and resilience necessary to bring about change



  • BOLD LIVING NOW: Leading Wide – A New View of Leadership
  • BOLD LIVING NOW FOR WOMEN: Change is the Only Real Option 



                         ABOUT NANCY                      

After a decade of caregiving and mourning the loss of her young husband, Nancy Sharp recast her life in Colorado with only her five-year-old twins in town. People everywhere commented on her boldness. But it wasn’t the physical act of leaving New York City and her support network that was bold. The boldest part was that she put herself in the path of opportunity again. She refused to be defined by her past, refused to stay stuck. 

What followed is a life of bold experiences and the desire to motivate and empower individuals and organizations to move from stuck, disappointment, and loss of all kinds toward growth and positive change.

Nancy holds a MFA in Creative Nonfiction and brings more than 25 years background in the communications industry as a writer and corporate speechwriter. 

She knows that change is possible no matter the circumstances, that boldness is a choice, and that real success requires courage, resilience, and the ability to think and lead with panoramic perspective. 



“You know how if you are fortunate in life to have that one person speak a sentence or a phrase that makes something click inside and your life is forever changed? Guess what? Tag YOU are IT! Your phrase that has resonated in me is “don’t let your circumstances define you.”

Cathi MuzafferFairway Elite Mortgage Corporation

“Nancy’s powerful story–from tragedy to living bold–inspired the packed house of faculty and staff, leaving them wanting more.”

Greg Giesen,Manager of People Development, University of Denver

“Your energetic speech made our audience hang on every word through their tears and applause. So many said afterword that this was the BEST keynote of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.”

Lyn Sommer Matis, PhD, ABPP, CGP2016 Program Chair, American Academy of Psychotherapists

“Not only were we inspired by Nancy Sharp’s story and courage, but her vision of BOLD Living offered fresh and practical insights about risk-taking and change.”

Robin Heller, President and CEO, The Leadership Investment

“We have heard story after story of people who were affected and inspired by Nancy’s program on bold living. She is poignant, poised, and funny at just the right moments.”

Michele Bergh, MBA Group Director of Strategic Marketing – South Denver Hospitals, Porter Adventist Hospital, Parker Adventist Hospital, Littleton Adventist Hospital, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital


A book of hope for grieving children and families

Liam learns that just as the sky is everywhere, so, too, is his father’s love. Because the Sky is Everywhere helps children accept that even though someone close to them dies, the love they feel can be everlasting.



Both Sides Now is Nancy’s inspirational story of love, loss, and bold living. Sometimes life really is everything at once. In Nancy’s case, newborn twins and her husband’s cancer recurrence on the same day. What’s it like to hold life and death in the same moment? How does a young mother and widow learn to see beyond her unfortunate circumstances, turning her loss into gain and moving toward a narrative of her own choosing? She applies these lessons to personal and professional development.

Books For a Better Life Finalist Winner,
Colorado Book Award
National Indie Excellence Award
American Book Fest Int’l. Award Winner
Finalist, USA BEST BOOKS Winner,
Readers’ Favorite
Living Now Book Award
CIPA Evvy Award


Award-Winning Books by Nancy Sharp