Resilience is the new currency for success. Nancy's programs deliver lasting ROI by teaching individuals and teams to:

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence

  • Be more adaptive
  • See disruption as opportunities for change

  • Reject and reframe limiting beliefs and circumstances
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and engagement
  • Take bold steps forward and achieve long-term goals

Nancy Sharp is a bestselling author and nationally recognized speaker on resilience and making bold change. Her motivational keynotes and training programs on resilience, overcoming adversity, and change are customized and interactive for businesses and groups large and small.

Nancy's transformative story of loss, gain, and the power of choice gives audiences the inspiration and practical tools to push beyond challenges, make necessary change, and achieve maximum growth and performance.

A top female inspirational speaker, Nancy leaves audiences feeling more engaged, confident, and successful.


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Authentic. Bold. Psychologically Empowering.
Leadership Building.



“I adore Nancy’s story because it speaks to something so important in being healthy, which is resilience. Nancy could have become stuck in her sadness but decided to move forward instead. That takes courage.”

-Dr. Mehmet Oz January 24, 2017

Both Sides Now


 Both Sides Now

Nancy Sharp’s true story about making life happen and bold choices after loss.


 Because The Sky Is Everywhere

A book of hope for grieving children and families.


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“Nancy’s program helped us focus on choosing happiness and success in an imperfect world and, in particular, shades of ‘full’ versus an abyss of all that’s wrong. We came away inspired and with an action plan to move us toward greater clarity in our business and lives—with built-in accountability, too.” 

-Carrie L. Hall CLU, CFP New York Life Insurance Company, Eagle Strategies

“Healthcare professionals face an environment of constant change, adaptation, and the everpresent demands to do more with less. Nancy did a terrific job teaching our residents strategies to cultivate their own psychological resilience so as to minimize stress and burnout.”

Robert K. Ryu MD, FSIR University of Colorado School of Medicine

“We have heard story after story of people who were affected and inspired by Nancy’s program on bold living. She is poignant, poised, and funny at just the right moments.”

-Michele Bergh MBA Group Director of Strategic Marketing, Centura Health

“Your energetic speech made our audience hang on every word through their tears and applause. So many said afterword that this was the BEST keynote of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.”

-Lyn Sommer Matis PhD, ABPP, CGP 2016 Program Chair, American Academy of Psychotherapists

“You have a special way about you that reveals vulnerability and wisdom. What a remarkable presentation.”

-Gordon Cohen PsyD President, American Academy of Psychotherapists

“Nancy’s powerful story–from tragedy to living bold–inspired the packed house of faculty and staff, leaving them wanting more.”

-Greg Giesen Manager of People Development, University of Denver

“It was standing room only when Nancy presented at our showroom. She created a fresh vision for design professionals that left them with the inspiration and tools to grow their businesses in bold new directions.”

-Bob Eisen Eisen & Associates/Denver Design Center

“You know how if you are fortunate in life to have that one person speak a sentence or a phrase that makes something click inside and your life is forever changed? Guess what? Tag YOU are IT! Your phrase that has resonated in me is ‘don’t let your circumstances define you.'”

-Cathi Muzaffer Fairway Elite Mortgage Corporation



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