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As a coach, I help you achieve your goals.

We all have stories inside us waiting to be told.  Maybe yours is lodged deep and needs a bit of nudging to rise to the surface. Maybe you have no idea how to get started. Maybe you’ve already put pen to paper but still feel stuck. No matter where you are in the process, I can provide you the support you need to move forward. 

"This is what gets me out of bed each day...helping people leave their mark in the world." —Nancy Sharp 

I’d love to help you reimagine the possibilities to tell your story. You can:

  • Write for yourself

  • Write a keepsake book(s) for your family and friends

  • Write to promote a hobby or business

  • Write to be published

  • Write to see where the writing takes you

The possibilities are endless.

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I know from my years of coaching clients that it’s easy to sit on longstanding dreams. It’s easy to procrastinate and make excuses. I don’t have the time.  I don’t think I have the skills to write.  What if I have a hard story to tell and it upsets people who I care about?  I’ve heard these and hundreds of other “What if’s” before. Don’t let fear of _________ (you fill in the blank!) stand in the way of telling your story. I will guide you. 

You’ve probably read a bit about my professional background since you’re reading this page.  See this link just in case. Apart from my credentials, here are three things that  differentiate me from other writing coaches:

  • I’ve been in your shoes before …wanting to tell a story but wondering how to tell it
  • I went ahead and wrote that story and it became the prizewinning and lauded memoir Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living
  • As a professional speaker and trainer, I’ve taught thousands of individuals and business professionals how to build resilience. This is my area of expertise, and I bring a body of proven research and keen insights to my coaching. Owning and telling our stories builds resilience. 

“Nancy was the perfect person to help me begin the process of writing my own story, one that I have long wanted to tell. She approached this project with sensitivity, insight, wisdom, and all the experience her craft bears, assigning books and written exercises, that were customized to my own learning and creative mode. Working with her was a true privilege.”

-Annie Groves, Denver, CO, MDiv and Pastoral & Spiritual Care Counselor

“The life of my patients often illuminates life with my child, and vice versa. Nancy Sharp helped me distill and shape my story to appeal to others in the medical community, as well as parents of children with special needs, both of whom search for deeper connections and empathy with their patients and children. As a busy professional, Nancy’s customized approach saves me precious time by allowing me to work on my book in a focused manner.” 

-S. Alexander, Pediatrician

Let’s Talk 1:1

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