When The World Spins, A Small Gift

I believe in the power of words. The written word and the spoken word. This why I write and speak and coach others to write for a living. Right now, amid all the uncertainty and fear surrounding COVID-19, the written word has the ability to offer a sense of relief and control. Ample research shows how writing helps us to make sense of our feelings and experiences. For those who don’t know me, I’ve authored a few books and speak to businesses and groups nationwide about resilience and overcoming adversity. I have an MFA in Creative Nonfiction and am a certified instructor in Guided Autobiography, which is a method of life story writing created by esteemed psychologist James E. Birren. 

With everyone’s anxiety at uncomfortable decibel levels, I’d like to offer you a small gift. Put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard and answer these prompts. See if you can write a full page without editing yourself. Just let your thoughts flow. When you're done, read your work aloud. Consider asking loved ones to answer these same prompts and share your thoughts. Writing in this way builds self-awareness, empathy, and connection, all of which are central to becoming more resilient. 

Three Prompts

Prompt #1

Right now I ___________________________________________________________

Prompt #2

I am grateful for ______________________________________________________

Prompt #3

I take care of myself by ________________________________________________

Nancy Sharp



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