As a longtime writing coach and award-winning author, Nancy Sharp offers personalized solutions for your writing needs.

Services include speechwriting, book projects, and college essay writing. You can read more about these offerings below.

Nancy would be honored to help you fulfill your goals. She takes the angst out of the process by providing hands-on, customized support designed to meet your specific needs. Some clients welcome an A to Z approach, while others need only fine-tuning. That’s okay.

Whether you’re sitting on an idea ready to hatch, or have already put words to paper, Nancy can help you achieve your goals.

What gets her out of bed every day is working with people just like you push beyond challenges—in this case, writing—so that you can ignite new possibilities in your business, life, or academic pursuits.

Nancy offers a free half-hour consultation so email her at if you’d like to explore a possible collaboration.




Speechwriters communicate a story, move an audience, and still get the brand message across in a compelling manner. Nancy’s approach builds upon her passion for “inspiring action and transforming lives.” She then takes it one step further by working directly with her client to provide customized coaching and presentation skills training. What’s the result? Authentic keynote speeches that influence, motivate and engage audiences.

“Nancy seamlessly blended my story, business goals, and vision.”

-Christina Gold CEO, The Western Union Company


“With Nancy’s love of language, gifts as a storyteller, and ability to provide executive coaching, I received a great response.”

-Barry Curtiss-Lusher National Chair, Anti-Defamation League


“I not only received a standing ovation but was told by several colleagues and board members that this was the best speech I’d ever given. I later heard that the audience was buzzing about my remarks for hours. I so value my collaboration with Nancy Sharp.”

-Cheryl Acierno Owner, Acierno & Company, Past President, Starnet Worldwide

Clients Include:

  • Cheryl Acierno, Chair, Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership
  • Luella Chavez D’Angelo, Chief Communications Officer, The Western Union Company
  • Marcia Donziger, Founder and Chief Mission Officer, My Cancer Foundation
  • Barry Curtiss-Lusher, National Chair, The Anti-Defamation League
  • Sylvia Young, President and CEO HCA HealthOne and HCA’s Continental Division
  • Christina Gold, Retired President and CEO, The Western Union Company
  • Robin Wise, President and CEO, Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Inc.
  • Pfizer: speeches for Leeza Gibbons, leading medical experts and caregivers for national Alzheimer’s education campaign
  • Multiple Celebrities and Television and Film Personalities


College Essay Writing


Nancy loves working with students individually and in groups to help them craft standout college essays.

Essays are opportunities to showcase students’ unique offerings—and the only aspect of the application process where they have total control to speak directly to the admissions committee.

The essay—and supporting essays—must be authentic to each student’s life experiences, and more often than not, it’s the everyday details and snapshots that make for the best storytelling, not spectacular feats. Whether your student already has a clear idea what to write about or is unsure, we can work to develop and shape well-executed essays that are focused and engaging.

“I can’t thank you enough. You helped make my dreams a reality.”

-Estee D., Incoming Freshman, Barnard University

Nancy worked with my daughter to take her essays to a whole new level by really getting specific about what she wanted to say and how best to convey it in a uniquely genuine manner.”

-Jen, Parent

The Process

Meeting in-person is always preferable if you live in the Denver metro area, but Skype, Facetime, and phone calls make virtual sessions just as productive.

For students who are unsure what to write: Nancy will help you discover the topic area that best showcases your personality and unique contributions, and work with you to create an outline and essay.

For students having trouble starting the process: Nancy will help you narrow your pool of ideas so that you focus on those with the greatest potential. She will work with you to turn your ideas into a finished product.

For students who have already drafted essays…Nancy will read your work and help you polish it so that it’s ready to be submitted.

Nancy charges a four-hour minimum and works with students on both the Common Application and supplemental essays.

Please email her directly at to schedule an exploratory call for your student and/or to schedule a workshop for a larger group.

Book Projects


You have a story to tell about a single moment that changed the course of your life. You want to write about it, but every time you sit down to write, your mind goes blank.

You are a physician caring for others while also having to learn valuable lessons about your own self-care.

You are a researcher who suffered a stroke wanting to write about the ways life and medicine collide in and out of your lab.

You are a seasoned professional and want to write about 21st century leadership skills.

You are a parent dating again in midlife. There’s so much to say that could be helpful to others in this situation.

You are a direct descendant of the artist Mary Cassatt. What’s it like to have her paintings in your own home? How has her life influenced yours?

There is no shortage of good ideas when it comes to writing a book. Still, far too many of us sit on longstanding dreams. We procrastinate and make all kinds of excuses. Here’s the truth: while writing a book might feel like a daunting process, it isn’t when working alongside an experienced coach who can guide the author from the seed of an idea to a published work.

That’s where Nancy enters the picture. She has had the pleasure of coaching a handful of professionals on various book projects. These amazing individuals sought her out after reading her work, notably Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living, and various essays and articles. Nancy holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College, and has lectured at Regis’ MFA program, the Colorado Author’s League, Miami Book Fair International, and bookstores and events nationwide.

Working to discover, distill, and shape someone’s story is sacred work that Nancy loves.

Do you have a fabulous story to tell or even the smallest kernel of an idea? If so, Nancy would love to connect with you or anyone you know who might like to finally turn his or her vision into a published product.

Email Nancy at What are you waiting for?

“Nancy was the perfect person to help me begin the process of writing my own story, one that I have long wanted to tell. She approached this project with sensitivity, insight, wisdom, and all the experience her craft bears, assigning books and written exercises, that were customized to my own learning and creative mode. Working with her was a true privilege; she became not only my muse, but also a true friend during the whole process.”

-Annie Groves, Denver, CO, MDiv and Pastoral & Spiritual Care Counselor

“The life of my patients often illuminates life with my child, and vice versa. Nancy Sharp is masterfully helping me distill and shape my story to appeal to others in the medical community, as well as parents of children with special needs, both of whom search for deeper connections and empathy with their patients and children. As a busy professional, Nancy’s customized approach saves me precious time by allowing me to work on my book in a focused manner.” 

-Susan Alexander, Pediatrician