I just wrote a speech for a CEO whose theme became Where Are You Going?

It’s a universal question, just think about it.

We’re always going somewhere, aren’t we? I mean…the alternative is stagnation, paralysis, immobility, which just isn’t a viable option.

My husband, Steve, knows where he’s going these days.  He’s running for Denver City Council in District 5. Steve has always loved politics; he volunteered on electoral campaigns in college, and then, for more than two decades,  covered every national, state and local race for Denver television.

There is a big difference, however, between reporting from the sidelines and presenting yourself as the main attraction. His decision to enter the race was thoughtful and cautious; it happened gradually after much soul-searching and consults with others—not to mention the persuasive pep talks from me.  From the beginning, I thought it was a fantastic idea: he has the skills, savvy, recognition and passion. It’s really this last point that matters to me most. Because I want my husband to feel passionate about what he does in life. He deserves that. We all do. Life hammered Steve the way it did me; being a young widower meant that he could not pursue his dreams in all the ways he once envisioned.

Steve is working eighteen-hour days holding down his job at the Adams 50 School District while also campaigning. The pace has been brutal—yet energizing at the same time. Today, my husband is a man who knows where he’s going.

Go Steve!

Please do check out www.SteveSaundersforCouncil.com, and if you live or work in Denver, share what’s on your mind.

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