In the midst of writing a keynote speech for a Fortune 500 CEO today, I decided to reward myself.  My treat? A new pair of slippers. It was 3:30 pm and I’d been working on the speech since early morning. I was tired and needed a perk. Actually, I HAD TO HAVE THE SLIPPERS IMMEDIATELY. Call it the “I need it now” gene, which also showed itself the other evening after dinner as I nuzzled Steve. “Hi honey. I love you. Can you please get me some Espresso Chocolate Chip ice cream?”

I am a longtime slipper lover.  And I’ve got to credit my grandmother, Myrtie, for this fix. She’s now wheelchair-bound in the final stages of Alzheimer’s but in my mind’s eye I still picture her waltzing around her spacious English Tudor-style house in New Jersey, singing a tune and wearing any one of her soft padded slippers. She had a whole collection: light blue, carnation pink, butter yellow, and my personal favorite, gold lame. Her feet were two sizes smaller than mine yet I loved her and her slippers so much that I wore them anyways. It hardly mattered to me that my heels hung over the back edge.

I no longer have any more of my grandmother’s slippers so now I have to buy my own. I’m not interested in fancy beading or feathers; I want soft material that bathes my feet. And when they wear down so that the soles no longer spring, out they go, to good will or garbage heaven depending upon future usability.

Back to my slipper run to T.J. Maxx. If I didn’t need slippers so urgently, I might have passed. Nothing really suited my taste but I settled on an ivory pair of Isotoners that were actually a bit big. “These can work,” I rationalized.

Yet…when I returned home and picked up the mail, I had a fabulous surprise: the therapeutic alignment slippers I had ordered while watching an infomercial on television one sleepless night had arrived. I could barely contain my excitement as I tore the bag apart.  They’re perfect – creamy in color and texture with just the right bounce. By the way, I don’t have feet problems; I was drawn to these slippers because of how comfortable the commercial made them out to be. Okay, I’m highly gullible at midnight, but if you’d like to try them for yourself, visit Dream Products.

I may keep both pairs of slippers or I may return the Isotoners. I’m not sure yet. But I’m convinced that I was meant to have a new pair of slippers today. Which is more about finding comfort and allowing myself this small reward than the actual slippers.

I’m all for little, instantaneous indulgences.

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