What can I say? Life feels upside down right now. Just look at my son, Casey, and our friend,  Barry.







It’s hard to think, hard to write, hard to process much of anything these days beyond the titanic campaign wave we are riding.  Ballots are out, but we continue to walk neighborhoods, make phone calls and stand on busy street corners to motivate prospective voters.

It’s been a family affair, and I mean this in the broadest and best sense. Win or lose (and we hope WIN!), how good it has felt to cross the age divide of our children. Finally an activity that our nine-year-old twins can share with their college-age brothers.  Beyond the immediacy of our family, so many friends and neighbors have joined the effort to help elect Steve to Denver City Council District 5.

Life might be running at a pace of its own right now, but it’s this very large circle of support – the people who make Denver the best possible place to live – that make the upside down days right side up again.






Casey and Rebecca say, “Go Dad!”

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