Spring’s here, and I’m feeling a burst of creative energy.  Who better to turn to for advice on how to unleash that spirit than my friend Robin Glickstein, who holds an Ed.M. from Harvard.  For 11 years, she’s taken a creative approach to market research by helping people and businesses hone their stories and ideas. Finally, Robin shares her experience and thoughts with readers in her new blog, The MindFULL Creative.

Here, for Vivid Living, Robin shares three ways she jumpstarts her own creative process.  Try them out.

  1. Take yourself to the movies and pay attention to what the actors are wearing. Robin gets ideas on how to mix and match clothes as well as ideas for arranging bookshelves and flowers, and the use of color for her home.  She’s also discovered new music this way by tuning into film soundtracks.
  1. Start a journal to observe your “daily” travels.   Go to a craft store and purchase a blank journal, some watercolor pencils, a jar of Gel Medium (it acts like glue, only stronger for heavier objects) and a glue stick (for pictures and lighter finds). Look for and collect photos, napkins, business cards, coins, stones, and anything that speaks to you.   Glue them on the page and then write what comes to mind.


3. Clean out your closet.  You know the rule: if you haven’t worn it in two years, let it go.  Have a purge and swap party with a girlfriend: discard the old and tired, and trade clothes, shoes, and jewelry.  Commit to adding one colorful accessory each time you get together.

Sometimes, creativity takes courage.  Let yourself take the journey however you see fit.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”  -George Barnard Shaw

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