In my previous entry, I humbly acknowledged two left feet when it comes to technology.  Case in point: last night while trying to ramp up my Linked In connections I thought I was being quite clever by uploading and then drawing from my 285 gmail contacts. Naturally, I hadn’t intended to invite my 97-year-old aunt Helen, but I did, along with all the other 284 people, too, some of whom have already sent obvious replies like “I steer clear of social media.”  But for the most part, the mistake proved to be a good one as I’ve made some surprising connections this morning, and who knows what’s yet to come.

In an effort to be kinder towards myself, I laughed off the incident.  After all, diving into social media was a goal I set in 2009 that I’m largely meeting.   No, I’m not yet on Twitter or Digg or Delicious or Buzz Up! (whatever the heck that is), but, aside from this blog and Linked In, you can now catch me on Facebook, where I’ve joined some 43 million other Americans .

My adventures with technology have me thinking more broadly about goals, and how the process of moving towards our goals is just as important, I now see, as reaching them.   Some time ago in New York City I studied black and white photography.  Though I was only an advanced beginner in my prime, somehow I got it in my head that I should master the Zone System, yeah the same one that the great Ansel Adams perfected.  I wonder if I might have stuck with the craft longer had I worried less about perfection and more about simply enjoying the process of shooting images pleasing to my eye.

It’s with this new, gentler mindset that I approach another goal – improving my cardiovascular endurance.  Yes, I’m the woman sipping coffee and reading my book while pedaling oh so slowly on the stationery lifecycle.  I’m blessed with a good metabolism and I don’t diet, but even so, I’m a bit “woo woo” over all the research indicating that aerobic activity is important for your brain function.   As I venture forward, I’m going to think of Maddie, my surrogate daughter, who just landed a spot on the Varsity Cross County team at East High School.   Something I did for a whopping two weeks when I was in high school until a friend and I got busted while ditching the team and camping out at McDonalds.

Because I want to stay sharp and fit for years to come, I’m setting a goal of pushing myself.  I’m trading in the lifecycle for the stairmaster and yes, I’m going to run once in awhile, maybe even with Maddie.  Even if it means breaking a sweat.

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