Holy smokes, the twins are 13. The milestone birthday has them crossing the divide into teendon. MAJOR GULP.

Yes, it really does feel as though we’re entering a new era. They won’t suddenly sprout underarm hair or stubble – no, no, the transition to adolescence, or rather pubescence, will likely be more subtle. Still, the signs are everywhere.

True to the little boy he once was, Casey is ALL TO EAGER to grow up. He’d change time if he could. Right now, his dream is to become a RallyCross racecar driver. Okay, so be it. I’m not putting too much stock into his aspirations just yet, as I hope (and pray) he will discover a world of safer opportunities that equally rouse his passions.  Maybe even a Jennifer Lawrence look-alike (another dream for him). Casey has already tested us with budding hormones. “Mom, what do you expect?” he’ll bellow, shaking his head in a ‘boy are you stupid’ gesture.  “I’m going through puberty!”

The thing is…now that he’s 13, I wonder how long I can get away with my favorite comeback: “likely excuse.”

Rebecca, meanwhile, is far more physically adolescent than her brother,  yet true to her little girl nature, she’d like to stay young forever. I am still the MIP (Most Important Person) in her world. “All I need for my birthday is you,” she tells me tonight. Rebecca’s not the least bit interested in makeup or boys like some of her friends, and that’s just fine for now. She has years and years ahead of her to catch up — or not.

As for me, I’m slow, I think, to grasp the twins’ rate of development. I’m a bit of an innocent (like my daughter) in this regard. I’d rather live the moments with them than read about what to expect.

What I wish for my children’s 13th birthday is a year of self-awareness and advocacy. And I wish them grace amid all the turbulent teenage storms ahead. I wish the same for me.

Any advice?

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