You know it’s been a good day when:

You wake before the 6 a.m. alarm, energized to trek to the gym.  You’ve just resurfaced from a voluntary hiatus; you’re not exactly eager but you give yourself an A for effort.

Surprise, this energy lasts throughout the morning, making your quadriceps tingle.  You’re alive.

The leftover orange beef with sesame seeds tastes even better today.

People are courteous, just because.

A pair of wild rabbits hop playfully outside your office window.  Where do they come from?

You catch nearly every green light on your long drive home.

While supposedly sleeping, your children giggle mischievously as you lean in close to admire them.

What small pleasures revealed themselves to you today?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and celebrating the unexpectedly sweet things in life,  you might enjoy reading the poem “Butter” by Elizabeth Alexander.

Thanks and giving to all of you.

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