I feel like a slacker for not blogging this week although I do have a good excuse.  A sick household.  First, my daughter, Rebecca, came home from school on Monday with a fever, and then, POW, Steve got swine flu the next day.  I don’t think our daughter had “the thing,” but Steve’s been knocked out hard for days, in bed, with fever, chills, nausea, a ferocious cough, heavy chest and total exhaustion. “This is the worst I’ve ever felt from the flu,” he’s told me repeatedly. I believe him.  It’s day six and he’s still lying horizontal in bed.

And now…Casey, Rebecca’s twin, is running a fever, too.

So far, my 16-year-old stepson, Dylan, and I are the only ones to have escaped the wrath of illness this week.  Dylan, of course, is mostly hidden in his basement quarters, otherwise known as the media cave. Now that Ryan, 18, is away at college, Dylan’s quite happy to rule the underworld with days-old socks, pungent sneakers and empty Gatorade bottles strewn haplessly about.  He, however, doesn’t notice this mess as his vision is reserved for watching ESPN and Madden’s NFL video on the 51-inch flat screen television.  Naturally, “D” surfaces for pancakes and pizza and anything that begins with letter “C.”  You know, cookies, cake, croissants and candy. I’ve been sleeping upstairs in the guest room on a cardboard mattress that sticks to the springs when I change body positions.

The week hasn’t been all bad. Steve was offered and accepted a position as director of communications and community relations for the Adams County 50 School District.  He’s thrilled about the opportunity to help this upwardly moving district tell its story and more broadly, to contribute to the national debate on education reform. Congratulations Steve, this is your Act 2!

The technology gaffe I blogged about last week has continued to reopen contact with long-ago friends and colleagues. Imagine…I’m now Linked In with my first husband’s oncologists.

All this illness in our house has me thinking about the flip side of the flu – good health.  I treasure mine, and I can already see the teachable moments of gratitude this week of poor health will allow for our children.

Armed with Tamiflu and a healthy perspective, I’m taking care of my crew while guarding myself, too. If the going gets really rough, I figure I can always camp out with Dylan.


Hanging with Dylan


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