I’ve just read a jewel of a book that I want to recommend to women everywhere.  Called Secrets of Powerful Women, the book is a collection of short essays, advice and musings about power – how to seize it, hold it and share it.  The idea was born from the 2008 Democratic and Republican conventions at Lifetime’s Future Frontrunners Summit (which celebrated women’s voices in every corridor).

There are so many wise nuggets from trailblazers of every party, race, class, position and religion – women like Rosario Dawson, Fran Drescher, Andrea Wong, and Martha Bark. They speak candidly about facing fears, acting tough, staying true to your vision, shoring up mentors, and harnessing the power of the petition. As Vivid Living celebrates life in full bloom, thorns and all (look at my tagline), I’m especially drawn to the counsel of Betsy Myers, who served as senior advisor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. “Bloom where you are planted,” she says.  Which means strive for excellence where you are; it will gird you for future success.

I’ve decided to pass along my copy to my teenage friends, Maddie and Izzy.  They’re the daughters of my dear friends, Julie and Rick, who, in my view, are doing everything right to raise self-confident, aware, socially conscious young women.  Maddie and Izzy are poised to lead and should reach for the stars.

In the generous spirit of Secrets of Powerful Women, I urge you buy a copy, read it and then share the wealth with a young woman on the cusp of adulthood.

Only by fanning the fires of powerful women far and wide are we likely to shatter “those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” that Hilary Clinton famously intoned during her failed bid for President in 2008.

By the way, proceeds from the book benefit the White House Project, a leading voice for women’s leadership founded by the extraordinary Marie Wilson.

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