So I am going to build on the theme of my last post, Push the Boundaries.  I’ve received comments and private e-mails from many readers and can see how this concept resonates.

That said, meet Silverster Cain.






Yes, you are allowed to laugh.  Not at him. Don’t do that…or else you might be sorry.

For about a year now (maybe less) I have been trying to push my own physical boundaries by lifting weights and toning my mid-forties flesh.  This has not been for weight loss purposes; I am fortunate to have good genes and a speedy metabolism.  You see, I wanted something more from my workouts. I wanted inspiration. And I wanted to feel my own power, the kind that reverberates throughout the day. Strength that fires your muscles and fuels your brain.

Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I would rather walk than run, jump up and down in the pool than swim laps, watch from the bleachers than smash the tennis ball over the net.  So, really, discovering my own physicality at 45 is a new phenomenon. I used to be more active, but life intervenes, and it never really mattered to me before. I didn’t care.

Now I do. Which brings me to Silvester, who is ranked twelth in the nation as a light heavyweight bodybuilder. Hubba hubba.  Silvester stepped in to train me today since my weekly trainer (who is a swell guy but looks nothing like Silvester) had knee surgery.   The old me would have been intimidated by Silvester’s hulking physique.  The new me said, “What the heck, show me what you got.”

And he did. And I’m feeling revved up in body and mind.

I’ve learned something important by making this commitment to myself. It’s this: self-discipline pays off.   You don’t need to have a specific goal in mind, just commit to pushing yourself a little bit each day and trust that  you are working toward a better you. I try to remember this while writing; doing so removes the pressure.

So go on…push yourself.

P.S. What do you think about using this photo of Silvester as a parenting tactic? As in, “Don’t mess with me kids!”

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