Aw come on. Who ate the last of the Saltines and put the empty box back in the pantry?

Why is the bread bag open when the rubber band to close it tight—the same one used to open the bag before you greedily grabbed two slices—IS RIGHT THERE? The bread is organic for god’s sakes, let’s keep it fresh for at least a few days.

Are you really watching, “19 Kids and Counting” again?

Will someone please take out the garbage without having to be asked?

Here’s the glass. There’s the water.

Goodbye floor. Hello closet.

Thank you kindly for attempting to clean the pots. Might you consider washing them next time? Stacking dirty pots is convenient but who do you think cleans up the mess the next morning?

Ouch. You call that cleaning up? There’s a Lego stuck between my toes.

There on the stairs for all the world to see but you… Please, on your next trip upstairs, do not pass GO. STOP and pick up your matchbox cars, barrettes, Pokeman cards and bills before proceeding to Park Place.


I love my family.

And now that I’ve vented,  I feel better.  So thank you.

Whatever peeves you let it go. But first, do tell.

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