Resilience means different things to different people but ultimately is about pushing past challenges. How we do that is in large part a matter of perspective. Litigation attorney Courtney Perez, a partner at Carter Arnett PLLC, had always viewed resilience as something to be endured, like “taking the punches.” For her, resilience has been all about survival and getting to the other side. As a successful, high-achieving professional, Courtney’s feelings about resilience surprised me. 

Then again, it turned out many other women in the Dallas Bar Association’s WE LEAD program shared her views since they, too, have experienced the burnout and stress of the profession. Among the things they lack are an abundance of senior female mentors to guide them since many women attorneys exit the profession once they make it to partner level and immediately beyond. 

I was brought in to teach my Resilience Framework and concrete tools to put into practice right away to help these accomplished attorneys stay in the game. 

It was a proud moment to hear how Courtney’s views on resilience shifted after the program. “What I learned today is that you don’t have to endure or suffer through challenges. If you change your perspective, you can actually enjoy the journey as you move through those challenges. I never thought of resilience in this way.” 

What about you? In what ways is slogging through the obstacles holding you back? Moreover, what strategies can you use to stay in the game? 

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