Life Lessons and Unripe Tomatoes

My new job is shaking things up a bit in our household. Working from home has been a godsend to me these past several years for the obvious reason:  flexibility and control over my schedule.   As a single mom until recently, it meant the world to my children (and me) that I was there to pick them up from school and volunteer in their classrooms mid-day.  My twins have wanted to sit



My sister-in-law, Marcy, celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary two days ago. Congratulations Marcy and Jaime!   The event, like any milestone, got me thinking about the passage of  time.


Fresh Paint

So, here goes.  My first foray into the blogosphere.

This morning I was painting a desk for my daughter that was handed down from a friend.  We chose a deep, burgundy-pink offset by white.   That first was surprisingly hard.   No matter how much paint I gobbed on the brush it looked streaky and