Everything Is an Opportunity

Everything, it seems, is in high gear these days, which explains my absence. I’ve never been involved in politics until now. Steve’s campaign for Denver City Council is going quite well, yet it demands endless hours. The days start earlier and end later, weekends, too, and even when sleeping, we find that the to-do list of people to call, yard signs to deliver, e-mails to send, reminders to note, grows and grows.



My cell phone broke yesterday. I dropped it while reaching for conditioning cream to put on my daughter’s hair, which was badly tangled. Darn phone. Darn day.


Love Is in The Air

Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day. As if anyone needs reminding.

I understand the hype around the day: the flowers, the cards, enticing jewelry and restaurant reservations. I play into it as much as the next person, without going overboard. I mean, I don’t buy fancy chocolate or decorate my home with hearts, but I do start the


Memory and Grace

Memory is selective. We all know that.

Why then do I continue to be amazed by the power of positive memory to shift our mindset?

In my previous post, I wrote about my grandmother, how she finally died after years of living with Alzheimer’s (if you call this living).  I didn’t speak at her funeral, but did write a few words about the way I wanted to remember her.