How is it that both bad and good things happen in clusters? Three or four “similar” events within a short span of time. I don’t know why this is so, but it’s true. Don’t you agree?

Right now, I’m in an upswing. Which means that many positive events seem to be happening at once. There’s my memoir, Both Sides Now, which is in capable hands with my Goucher mentor Dick Todd, and my new literary agents at Brick House. No contract news yet, but that’s coming, one of these months. I can taste it. Speaking of tasting, have I mentioned that I was asked to host a cooking show called “Tasting Life: Conversations at My Kitchen Table?” This endeavor came about rather serendipitously after a talk I gave last October about faith. I bet you’re thinking…what exactly is the connection here between food and faith. In this context, none. But unbeknownst to me, a television producer was in the audience that day. She identified with my story and subsequently scoured my blog and website where she read in small print about my longstanding fantasy to host a cooking show. You see, I was named after the Nancy Lynn Bakeries in Connecticut so perhaps it’s destiny that all my life I’ve been an unabashed foodie.

More on this show – which is still very much “in development” later. More later, too, about the other happy happenings.

Here’s the thing: my plate is bursting now. While part of me prefers to more evenly disseminate the pacing of such good tidings, the more knowing part of me understands that doing so would be detrimental. Because rarely can we control the timing of events in our lives, especially when they are external. Everything in my experience tells me that when you meet life head-on by saying YES, that is when the unexpected happens. That is when hope and possibility multiply.

What about you? In what ways are you saying YES to life?

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