Do you have a particular number that you see? Maybe a lucky number?

For me, it’s 1111.

Which is why I knew, upon arriving in Portland last week amidst the first of several days of heavy rain, that the week would be all right, weather and all. I had just arrived and was trying to plot out my one free day prior to beginning my internship at Tin House for graduate school. I was feeling a little grumpy about the rain until I checked my watch and read the time: 11:11. Poof. Just like that my snarky mood gave way to a knowing smile, the kind that comes when you feel that someone, God or some higher being, is winking at you. You are being sent a message, and no matter how vague, it is your own divine secret.

I’ve been noticing 1111 ever since moving to Denver in 2006. I see it on the oven when I finally get around to loading the breakfast dishes in the sink, on the dresser when making the bed, on my wrist while writing, in the car while running errands, and on the microwave when I pad downstairs for a cup of tea late at night. It’s my number.

A quick search on Google for the number 1111 yields many threads. Some of them are mystical, some are phooey, some are spooky. I’m not into cults or religious fundamentalism of any kind, but I am spiritual. So I turned to my psychologist friend, David Sanders, who founded the Denver-based Kabbalah Experience, which helps people of all backgrounds and faiths make connections between the seen and unseen worlds. Trust me, it’s a powerful thing.

“1111 is your awake number,” David tells me. “It’s like a spiritual alert, guiding you that you’re on the right path.”

It’s no coincidence, I think, that I only began to see this number when I recast my life in Denver.

“From a Kabbalah perspective,” David says, “1111 means mirror completion; you see something of yourself in the mirror, and what you feel is reflected back at you.”

That sounds right.

What about you? Do you have a guiding number?

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