I’m thinking hard these days about not being a slave to time.

The new year is still fresh, and above all other resolutions, creating more time and sacred space in my life is occupying my thoughts.  Because I seldom feel that I have enough – time.

Do you?

Every working mom my age (or thereabouts) feels similarly – we’re all doing a mad- dash juggling act.

There are no easy solutions and to suggest otherwise is insipid.   We have real responsibilities and interests that tug at us – jobs, kids, husbands, extended families, friends, activities, bills, side projects.

And yet ignoring our need to step away from the daily drumbeat only increases our stress and exhaustion.

How do we give ourselves permission to make time for time?

While writing about this very subject for Colorado View Magazine, a psychologist friend and I developed a series of strategies. You’ll have to wait until February to read the full article, but in the interest of helping you, too, beat more to your own heart and less to the ticking of the clock:

Create sanctuaries.  That is, designate a quiet place in your home or in your mind where you can be still.  For me, it’s the bath and the serenity of my bedroom.  What feels best to you? Indoors? Outdoors? No clocks or watches, and please, please set the blackberry aside.

Safeguard your time.  Certainly, leave the Olympic multitasking to the 2012 Games. Think carefully about “the extras” and recognize that you may not be able to give all your time to something.  Further, start only those projects that you can finish and do finish what your start.

Finally, as the Buddhists say, when you wash the dishes, wash the dishes. In other words, be aware of where you are in time and space.

Today I made time to sit down and have breakfast with my children before school. Typically, we run down to the wire with lunches that need to be packed, homework that needs to be finished, and last night’s dishes still in the dishwasher.  We had but five minutes but how lovely it was to sit together with the morning sun warming us.

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