The other day while heading to a meeting I nearly walked into a street pole staring at a red-headed woman steps in front of me. The sun lit her long coppery hair like water on glass. It was beautiful to watch her striding in the morning light.

“I love your hair,” I told her.

“Thank you so much,” she replied. “I just had it done yesterday.” 

“But what’s your natural color?” I wanted to know. 

“Dark brunette like you,” she answered. 

I’m not sure that I believe her but it hardly matters. That woman owned her hair color, and it was clear how much she was enjoying such bold expression of her identity. 

I’m reminded of a man in Denver who also expresses himself in a bold but rather unusual way. He wears a rubber crown that lights up. Not kidding. I first spotted King Matthew (yep that’s his name) at my neighborhood gym. One day curiosity got the better of me so I struck up a conversation and learned the story behind his kingly expression. I wrote about him in a piece called Batman, Kings, and Superheroes at The Huffington Post.  

“I like your crown.” 

“Thank you,” he replied, puffing his chest and standing taller. “Why do you wear it?” 

Pause. Smile. Pause. “So that I always remember I am king of my own destiny.”

How cool is that? I mean….shouldn’t we all be kings and queens of our destinies? 

And then there’s Alvin Ailey, the magnificent dance troupe that has been wowing audiences with bold, expressive performances for decades. I caught their recent show in Chicago last month called Revelations, and it was just that – a revelation of the human body and spirit that had the audience spellbound. The way those dancers told stories with their bodies was a sight to behold.


How can you make your own creative imprint in the world?


Your bold and someone else’s bold will look entirely different. That’s because there isn’t a one size fits all model. Whether it’s an outward manifestation or something driving you from the inside, choose the most authentic way to be your boldest self. Mix it up and have some fun while you’re at it.

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