So, here goes.  My first foray into the blogosphere.

This morning I was painting a desk for my daughter that was handed down from a friend.  We chose a deep, burgundy-pink offset by white.   That first was surprisingly hard.   No matter how much paint I gobbed on the brush it looked streaky and badly in need of, yes, more paint.  Which delayed things quite a bit because I  had to wait for everything to dry.   Some 30 minutes later, I applied the second coat.  It was a little tacky (no way to avoid the summer heat) but the fresh layer easily covered the streaks and took less time than the first round.  Still, the darn desk needed a third coat.  This time I had to wait an hour, which irritated me because I was now caked in paint and didn’t really want to wash and change clothes only to return to the task again moments later.  Finally, I picked up my brush and with great satisfaction quickly and rather artfully glided over the desk, the finished product like a creamy popsicle, smooth and shimmering. That’s when it struck me: Aren’t we all in need of a fresh coat of paint once in awhile?

This is what Vivid Living is about: possibility and hope and renewal, from the smallest of matters like painting a desk to giant, ongoing (or maybe first-time) events like dating, relationships, careers, parenting and loss.  No doubt about it: life can be hard, and the best, most precise intentions do not always work according to plan.  Life happens.  It just does.  See my About Vivid Living page to read more about my story and why I wanted to start this blog.

Today is a great day for me to begin Vivid Living.  My  8-year-old twins are back in school and their full schedule provides me with much needed work and think time.   Other than painting the desk, I’m using the day to reflect on all the transitions in my life: I’m about to dive into a part-time project that will require me to work away from my home office 25 hours each week; I’m coping with my very smart husband being unemployed and his process of recasting himself; I’m worrying, like so many of you, about the economy and long-term financial security; and, I’m preparing to help usher my oldest stepson to college in a few weeks.  My twins, too, are in a new school, which means that all us must build community.  All this as well as the little things in life that both press and rejuvenate us like cooking, laundry, exercise, and keeping up with family and friends.  As I said, life happens, everyday…

I’m so looking forward to exploring life in full bloom with you, thorns and all.

P.S. Bear with me as I get this blogging thing down…

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