The wealth of your life goes beyond financial earnings. What you have learned along life's journey has enormous worth today and in the future.


A life letter, or legacy letter, allows you to share what you value most--your knowledge and experiences.








The wealth of your life goes beyond financial earnings. What you have learned along life's journey has enormous worth.


An ethical will allows you to share what you value most--your knowledge and memories.


Life is precious and fleeting but an ethical will lasts beyond your lifetime. This non-binding document complements your existing legal will. Both are important to leaving your legacy. 



This course meets live over Zoom with a small group of like-minded individuals over the course of four sessions.

You’ll reflect on the values, insights, and stories you'd like to share with loved ones and future generations, and write your very own life letter using my framework as a guide. Note that the life letter is also called an ethical will or legacy letter. 

At the end of the class, we’ll print your ethical will on archival quality paper, place it inside a decorative folder, and package it in a keepsake box where you can add any other special mementos for posterity, like handwritten cards, recipes, photos, cufflinks, journals, and more. 

So many of us intend to get around to writing a purposeful life letter. This is your chance to make it happen -- and to give an enduring gift to yourself, your family, and your community. The life letter is an important way to preserve your legacy by linking the generations. 

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Session 1

Take Stock


History and Overview of Ethical Wills | What’s possible? | Introduction to possible legacy themes | Who is this for? | What do you want to say? 


Session 2

Write an Outline

 Identify one to three themes or main components for the body of your ethical will | Think about how the ethical will can support or clarify your legal will | Select stories, poems, letters and/or other items that you may wish to include either in the will or in the keepsake box | Draft the beginning of the will - the salutation and overview.


Session 3

Put It All Together

Finish the overview letter | Write the body of the ethical will - about your values, perspective, life lessons | Polish other components you wish to include - stories, letters | Gather any special images.


Session 4

Celebrate and Share

Decide when and how to present your ethical will | Share highlights with the group | Send us your ethical will to be printed and assembled into a keepsake folder and box | Go forward with the peace of mind to live your values.


Judy Altenberg  

Rose Community Foundation 

Nancy Sharp’s work with Rose Community Foundation’s legacy donors on writing their ethical wills was impactful for the participants personally, and significantly deepened their relationship with the Foundation. Through Nancy’s expert guidance and individual coaching, the participants experienced the act of transmitting values to the next generation in meaningful and intentional ways. There is no doubt that this work will enhance philanthropy both to the Rose Community Foundation, as well as in our greater Denver community.

Howard Kaplan, CIMA, MBA, AIF®

KLK Wealth Management Group

Being in the business for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand the need for family members to create an Ethical Will to complement their Estate Planning Documents. I decided to work with Nancy myself to help me articulate my deepest values and identify the family stories that I want to share with my loved ones.  I am very excited to have a resource to recommend to clients who are looking to capture a more personal element to their estate planning. 

Barry Curtiss-Lusher 

Writing my ethical will was an extraordinary and special experience. And Nancy was a terrific guide. I consider my ethical will to be an important part of the legacy I plan to pass along to my children, grandchildren, and community.

Eric Sondermann

Nancy Sharp is a rare talent and an inspired gift. My wife and I were privileged to be part of a process she led among a dozen people in which each of us developed our own, very personal "ethical will" or words we wish to leave behind. Nancy is masterful at this craft, meeting people where they are at in their life, helping them overcome resistance and barriers, and bringing out their deepest thoughts and sentiments. She has my immense gratitude.


Evi Makovsky 

For years I've thought about what I wanted to tell my children and grandchildren but was never able to put it on paper before. Writing my ethical will is a treasure that gives them an enduring sense of who I really am.

Your deeply-held values are at the heart of your ethical will.
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How is a life letter, or ethical will organized? Ask yourself whether you'd like one document or prefer separate letters for different family members. Consider your audience. 

Aren't I too young to think about  my legacy? No.The life letter, or ethical will, has nothing to do with facing death. It's a way to live with greater intention and purpose today as well as in the future, which is why sharing it with family and one's community can be cause for celebration. 

How long does it need to be? A life letter is typically two to ten pages, sometimes more.

Is the life letter a binding document? No. But it can clarify legal estate documents.

Will I have the chance to amend my life letter over time? Yes. Chances are that your values and core beliefs will remain the same, but circumstances and priorities might shift. You can certainly add to and/or change your life letter in the future.

Am I supposed to tell my life story? No. The life letter is a means to distill your thoughts and feelings about what matters most to you. It enables you to share important information and life lessons. You may want to write more about your story or meaningful life moments through Guided Autobiography. 





Are you looking to bring additional value to your clients and/or donors? Work with me to:

  • Preserve your clients' non-material assets-- their stories, wisdom, and important history
  • Provide meaningful engagement that deepens your relationships 
  • Differentiate your offerings
  • Provide a transformative, enduring experience
  • Set a high bar and standard of excellence by helping the people you serve live with greater purpose and well-being
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Work in a small group to:

  • Explore what's possible and the most fitting and authentic approach for you 
  • Assemble pages of your life letter
  • Connect the generations
  • Enjoy the energy of working in a group with a common goal
  • Go forward with peace of mind to live your values


I know from my years of coaching clients that it’s easy to sit on longstanding dreams. It’s easy to procrastinate and make excuses. Sometimes you need one to one support. 

 Work with me to:

  • Discuss your unique circumstances and what you want to share
  • Map out a game plan
  • Help you start the process
  • Help you complete the process, including editing your life letter
  • Go forward with peace of mind to live your values 
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