“Nancy’s powerful story–from tragedy to living bold–inspired the packed house of faculty and staff, leaving them wanting more.”

-Greg Giesen Manager of People Development, University of Denver February 3, 2017

“Nancy gives listeners the tools to not only accept changes, but to view them as true gifts, even when those changes are hard.”

-Jessica Sidener Director-Communications, Arapahoe Library District February 3, 2017

Why do educators and the institutions they work for resist change despite change happening at unprecedented levels? Pause too long and you risk missed opportunities, which directly impacts enrollment, pricing, curriculum, and, of course, innovation across the board. Leaders who hire Nancy are looking for a new perspective and tools to move their teams and organizations from complacency, stagnation, and/or disillusionment toward growth and positive change. Simply put, boldness brings innovation.

Nancy presents to educational associations, school districts, universities, and other institutions of higher learning. Her programs are ideal for conferences and special events small and large, including commencements.


Nancy presents insights from her own powerful story of loss, gain, and bold living along with lessons learned from more than two decades working in the communications industry, and finally earning her MFA in her mid-forties. She also shares findings from visionaries who embrace the rapidly changing world of education, and the inspiration and tools for educational audiences to stop playing safe and narrow and start thinking long and wide.

Clients repeatedly comment on Nancy’s authentic message, warm, conversational, and interactive presentation style.

Nancy welcomes the opportunity to empower your audience to take bold steps forward… steps that bring enduring personal and professional development.