Because the Sky is Everywhere (Porque el Cielo Está en Todas Partes) is an easy-to-read, softcover, illustrated, 32-page children’s book.

Given that the book is intended to be a resource for parents, professionals, educators, and groups that support grieving children and families, author Nancy Sharp has made it possible to customize copies.



  • Personalize the message
  • Engage children in expressing their feelings by coloring their missing loved one(s), and their own “sky”
  • Help to tell your organization’s story



  • Your organization’s name on the cover
  • Customized title page

A gift from XX (Name of Organization) to ________ (blank to write name of child by hand

  • Direct mailing as an acknowledgement gift to donors
  • Customized insert on how your organization supports grieving children
  • Customized expression sheets to give children the space to draw and share their memories about the person or pet who has died. This could even include a plastic sleeve adhered to the inside back cover where they can insert notes and other memorabilia.
  • Inside back cover can be used to paste a photo of the child’s loved one


These are suggested custom options only. Nancy is open to exploring possibilities that best suit your group’s goals. Please contact her directly at to discuss how to deliver a custom experience for the children and families you serve.