“Not only were we inspired by Nancy Sharp’s story and courage, but her vision of Bold Living offered fresh and practical insights about risk-taking and change.”

-Robin Heller President and CEO, The Leadership Investment February 2, 2017

“You know how if you are fortunate in life to have that one person speak a sentence or a phrase that makes something click inside and your life is forever changed? Guess what? Tag YOU are IT! Your phrase that has resonated in me is ‘don’t let your circumstances define you.'”

-Cathi Muzaffer Fairway Elite Mortgage Corporation January 12, 2017

Today’s reality: companies unable to navigate and adapt to seismic change risk extinction. What does this mean for corporate audiences? That executives and the companies they lead must meet a different business imperative: one that carefully balances risk and uncertainty, loss and gain, urgent action and mindful reflection.

As a leading speaker on change management and resilience, Nancy Sharp’s programs are ideal for conferences, annual events, organizations in the midst of transition, downsizing, and mergers/acquisitions, and high-achieving groups looking for fresh insights and tools to keep them on the winning track.


  • How to think and lead wide
  • How to employ empathy to motivate teams and clients
  • How to learn from failure and setbacks
  • How to act with greater courage
  • How to maintain a growth mindset even amid unsettled times
  • How to achieve small wins
  • How to make change and regularly adapt to it

After a decade of caregiving and mourning the loss of her young husband in 2004, Nancy Sharp recast her life in Colorado with only her five-year-old twins in tow. People everywhere commented on her boldness. But it wasn’t the physical act of leaving New York City and her support network that was bold. The boldest part was that she put herself in the path of opportunity again. She refused to be defined by her past, refused to stay stuck. 

What followed is a life of bold experiences and the desire to motivate and empower individuals and organizations to move from stuck, disappointment, and loss of all kinds toward growth and positive change.


Clients who hire Nancy can expect to: boost their performance; strengthen existing relationships; attract new talent and clients; and, identify act upon what it means to live and lead well.

Clients repeatedly comment on Nancy’s authentic message, warm, conversational, and interactive presentation style.

Nancy welcomes the opportunity to empower your audience to take bold steps forward…steps that bring lasting, positive change in business and life.