It’s been a long time, I know.  You see, I am only now coming back to myself. It’s a solid month after the election: the one that Steve very narrowly lost; the one that consumed our family for months in physical and emotional energy; the one that was important for us to do together and bears generous lessons in spite of the outcome.

I am happy that this experience is behind us even though I’m disappointed for Steve.

Tomorrow is our three-year wedding anniversary, and on the eve of this tender, young occasion, it feels good to be settling back into family life.

That’s really all I want to say for the moment.

That and…a few words I heard at a funeral a few weeks ago that I hope to never let go of.

“Ellen spent a lifetime chasing opera.”

Ellen is the mother of close friends of ours. We had just seen her less than a week before she died at our son Dylan’s – and her grandson Phillip’s – high school graduation party. Ellen, it seems, loved opera. Few things made her happier than to listen to its rapturous sounds. She listened to it in the privacy of her own home and with her husband, Dan, at opera houses in various corners of the world.  They traveled, “chasing opera,” in search of beauty.

It isn’t easy to distill the details of someone’s life. I barely knew Ellen, but I know all that  I need to.

What a tribute. What a way to live.

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