A new friend recently celebrated her 40th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mary! Her big day brought me back in time to my own 40th birthday, and to reflecting more broadly about markers.

Here’s what I wrote in an essay for Woman’s Day in May. “I had always loved the mountains, and moving to Colorado meant moving toward life, committing to a future that had once seemed impossible to grasp. I was about to turn 40. If not now, when?”

That mantra, If not now, when?, became as vital to me as food.  The more I breathed those words, the more they sustained me; through them, I came to feel the power of instinct and passion and faith.

Anniversaries, holidays and zero birthdays ought to be commemorated, sometimes in ways that prod us in new directions. So, too, should less formal rites, like the start of a new semester at school, finishing a blog post or purging a closet (which reminds me….) Why not allow the ordinary to feel extraordinary? Why not celebrate simple pleasures?

Tonight I’m taking Steve out to celebrate his new job.

How might you begin to see the gift of everyday as cause of celebration?

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