I’m nursing a bad cold or flu, I can’t yet tell which it is.  What I do know is that my head feels like an embattled warrior, my voice is reminiscent of a stuffed tuba, my eyes sting, and my muscles ache and tingle at the same time.  You get the picture.

It’s not often that I give in to being sick. But today I did for two reasons: whatever bug is brewing has walloped me, and I’m also keenly aware that pushing myself will only make things worse.  Which isn’t so easy for me since I come from the land of the doers. And when you’re a doer hard-pressed to get it all done each day, retreating from time in this way can feel jarring, like having your heart race wildly.

Sure I had a full to-do deck today, but that will just have to wait. It was better to cover up in bed and drift off to sleep for two hours and then sip hot tea and putter in my slippers and sweats.

Being sick has its blessings because it forces us to slow down.  Which is something everyone needs to do, especially as we age. In a way, I’m not surprised I got sick this week because I’ve been pushing myself so hard with other writing commitments that words and scenes are playing out in my head at all hours of the night. Lack of sleep is a killer, and it will run you down.

Being sick, too, is also a precious reminder to be grateful for our health and for all that we can enjoy in life.  Many do not have this privilege.

I can’t say I’m exactly happy about being sick, but I’m glad to savor rest time and gain perspective.

Here’s to your health!

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