September is the season for renewal. Not just for the Jewish people who celebrate Rosh Hashanah today, the beginning of the Jewish New Year. But everyone, I think, feels an uptick of energy when summer turns to fall and the faint chill of autumn rustles our insides.

Autumn is the time of year when we embrace change, set goals, plan for the future.

This is the time to map your dreams and fall into yourself. Yes, fall headfirst if you must into all that is true and real for you.

I am optimistic about fall. Because my dreams to speak and write and publish have yet to be realized. I’m working toward them every day. Just like I am at motherhood. My twins change with the wind: one moment they grab at me, and the next instant, without warning, I am tossed aside like last night’s leftovers. Sure they come back for more nourishment when they are ready, but right now, this is the dance we play.

What about you? What do you anticipate this fall?

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